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Click the pic if you like hipster shit.

Click the pic if you like hipster shit.

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Baked some iPhone cookies to trick cops into pulling me over, then I just take a bite and ask if cookies are against the law.

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I’m making music with Alana Goldmann. We’re called Criminal Talk. This song is a free download.


"I have a PhD in oceanography, I study the ocean."

"But you live on the land."

"Yes, but my area of study is the ocean."

"But why would you study the ocean, when you live on the land?"

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“ So here is a modest proposal: Let’s agree that diamonds are bullshit and reject their role in the marriage process. Let’s admit that as a society we got tricked for about century into coveting sparkling pieces of carbon, but it’s time to end the nonsense. ”
I wrote the music for this video. I must say, it’s a much easier task when the quality is this high. I feel honored to be able to work with such amazing artists as Kevin & Jamie at Ann Street Studio.


When I was growing up in Texas I would fantasize what it would be like living in New York. How I would hail taxis in a rush to meet friends, walk down tree-lined streets under the anonymous gaze of passerby, and have nights of crisp cocktails and dancing to the jazz music filling the room, with the streaming lights of the city engulfing me in all the dreams I could dare to dream.

When we met the face of Vera Wang’s new perfume Be Jeweled, Laura Love, I knew instantly from our conversation we should shoot a day in her life. She talked about her passion for ballet, her new role in New York as a model and what it is like being young and beautiful in this vast city of endless possibilities.

Here is a day in the life of Laura Love for Vera Wang Be Jeweled


Thanks, Nora.